Film Production Surfacing

As well as our extensive range of services, we also offer Film Production Surfacing and have been tasked with creating set features for a range of shows.

Outlander (Series 7)

More of our film production work can be seen in the TV series, Outlander. Starring Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, the seventh season follows the plight of characters Jamie and Claire navigating the impending American Revolutionary War. 

We were tasked with transforming the streets of Liverpool into 1770s Philadelphia, using our expertise and specialist-grade tarmacadam to do the job right. Alpha Surfacing created authentically distressed, well-worn roads that were swept away after filming was complete.

Edge of War

We’ve also worked on the set of the 2021 spy-thriller Edge of War. Set in 1938 Munich, this historical drama chronicles the days leading up to World War II and the desperate efforts of three characters to de-escalate the conflict. It follows British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain (played by Jeremy Irons) and his ill-fated attempts to appease Hitler. 

Equally crucial are the stories of Hugh Legat (played by George MacKay), a diplomat in the prime minister’s office, and Paul von Hartmann (played by Jannis Niewöhner), a former Oxford scholar and remorseful Nazi supporter. 

To transform the streets of Liverpool into pre-war Britain, we covered the modern tarmacadam with specialist-grade materials. This traditional, worn look remained in place for the entire filming period and was later removed with mechanical sweepers.  


Victoria, as seen on ITV, features Jenna Coleman and has been on the air since 2016. A fan favourite, this show is set in Victorian England and chronicles the life of Queen Victoria in her younger years. For Victoria, we turned back time in Liverpool. Filming was done in The Georgian Quarter, and we were tasked with making the roads look worn, old, and suitable for horse and carriage to drive on. As with our work on the set of Peaky Blinders, specialist materials had to be used in order to cover the modern tarmac and make it look worn and old-fashioned.


With our work on Curfew, we were tasked with setting the stage for an explosion on set. Curfew, which features big names such as Sean Bean and Adrian Lester, is a fast-paced street racing drama which will see individuals compete in the most dangerous, fastest and heart-stopping race of all time. On set for Curfew, we created a tarmacked forecourt, on which a makeshift petrol station was created by the film production team.


For Bulletproof, we were tasked with creating tarmacked roads in and around Liverpool city centre, in order to create the perfect scene for car chases. 

The four images below are provided by the Liverpool Echo.

movie set surfacing services Victoria tv set with freshly surfaced road coach on a freshly surfaced road horse carriage on a freshly surfaced road

Our recent projects have included working closely with a North West TV production company, our expertise was called upon to re-create the street look of the 1920’s. This was for the filming of the third series of the popular Netflix drama Peaky Blinders. Specialist-graded materials were used to spread over existing tarmacadam roads on various locations throughout the city of Liverpool. Once filming was complete mechanical sweepers were then used to restore the road back to its original state.

We have also carried out a resurfacing project at the request of Lime Pictures for the set of daily soap opera Hollyoaks.

surfacing of peaky blinders set Peaky Blinders set Peaky Blinders set with asphalt asphalt surfacing of the peaky blinders set
The four images above are provided courtesy of the Liverpool Echo.
surfacing rodney street with asphalt Holly Oaks set surfacing tabley house surfacing school bluecoat asphalt surfacingschool bluecoat surfacing with tarmac
surfacing of a set in progress